Chris McClenney - Portrait In Two
McCleeney Music 

Vocalist and producer Chris McClenney makes his recording debut with Portrait in Two, an EP that showcases the strength of his song writing and much touted creativity. Having showcased his talents on remixes with the venerable Soulection label, McClenney take upon himself to craft original classics from the influences of his youth and adulthood.

The album begins with an internalized monologue spoken from the supposed point-of-view of McClenney’s sub-consciousness. Representing all his fears and doubts as an artist, a litany of fractured questions builds up on “Consciousness” until the torrent breaks with a voice in the distance, waking Chris from his daydream. “Headlines” is a call-to-action to abandon those reservations and trust in the person he has become, and “Run” is verbal manta in taking chances and standing your ground. In songs like “What You Mean To Me” and “Pearl” we find modern love ballads that bring to light Chris’ singing and piano playing, with a touch of the sounds of today. To round out the project’s contemplative mood, additional tracks like “Untitled (Funk #2) and “Glide” help to get the hot steppers out on the dance floor.

Portrait In Two shows the promise that is contained in a young adult’s dreams. With a mix of modern RnB, funk, and jazz there is enough to tidy us over until the next release, and hopefully that means a full-length LP. 

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