Jazz is one of those unique spaces that continue to give to the masses, long after the deaths of the original progenitors, whether if they were immortalized or forgotten through the passages of time. Jazz has always been a important proponent in the advancement and progression of other music genres, most notably within the sounds of Hip Hop and Rock & Roll. Consider this rumination by Greg Tate into the deepening connection with Jazz's history and future in popular music. 

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Illustration by Pablo Delcan. 

Ta-Nehisi Coates - My President Was Black

Ta-Nehisi Coates is an eloquent voice in today's literary landscape. A well read journalist and author I peeped his latest memoir Between the World and Me earlier this year and was completely floored by the visual language and raw memory conveyed in the text. It was a great companion piece next to Jeff Chang's We Gon' Be Alright. In his recent essay(s) for The Atlantic he summarizes his thoughts on President Obama's two terms and how the climate and circumstances that gave rise to his presidency were also factors that created the mess we live in today. It's a cruel, cold world. We need clarity and intelligence like this to help lead us to solutions . You can read the piece here