Resident Advisor - How Did UK Garage Become Dubstep?

The globally minded music publication Resident Advisor released this convenient piece of history for those of you who need more schooling on the finer points of UK electronic music. From the rise of House's influence on the 90s to the emcee led ambush of UK Garage, this quick case study gives you just enough crib notes to get the gist of what you might have missed across the pond. Study up kiddos. 


Before the internet and streaming music services, you could find me glued to the radio everyday doing my best to pick up on the latest tunes circulating the airwaves. On the weekends, when I wasn't listening to The Wake Up Show on Saturday nights, I was tuning into VJs like Xavier the X-Man and Victor Zaragosa, latching on to their personal curations with the "Sunday Night Oldies". I was so enamored by these classics playing from my FM dial that I did not realize that these songs were decades old, or that the groups singing them were not Latino at all (well, most of them anyways). Call it what you would, but being oblivious and juvenile at time had its charm. I just loved the music, and that made it timeless. 

I was happy to know that there are people out there in the world taking it upon themselves to showcase and highlight the hidden, or "forgotten" gems in our recorded audio history. One such person, Melissa Duenas of The East Side Story Project, has been a driving force in spotlighting the sounds emitting from the lowrider culture that sprang from 1970s Los Angeles. Her journey has lead to the notable figures and stories that has made the East Side Story compilations one of the most beloved compilations ever released.

Read more about her journey below in the links. 

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