Jeff Chang - What Comes After Donald Trump

And just like that, any last threads of hope for commonsense to come into play with the electors, have all been cut loose. With rusty scissors. Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States of America. This has been one of the most surreal moments in my young adult life. A cultural miasma has enveloped our nation, and apparently, the rest of the world too. People are in shock and angry about the outcome. While others who have been for his presidency will soon weigh his promises to their worth.

Jeff Chang, prominent historian and author penned this essay recently on FADER, urging the citizens of this world to carry on through the chaos. It is not surprise to most that my political stance leans to the left, but that doesn't mean I wish to be ignorant, nor noninclusive to the rest of this nation's citizenry. I just ask that everyone to take a good look at this lunacy and tell me what's wrong with this picture. Because it's not normal. It's not. Read Jeff's piece here. God speed fam.