Final Fantasy 7 - An Oral History

If you were lucky enough to transition from the 16-bit generation into the next generation consoles like the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, you were a part of a magical time for gaming. This was the mid 90's and I was a huge Nintendo connoissuer, especially with the Super NES. I owned a Sega Genesis as well, but even back then I knew what superior sound and graphics meant to a great game. Despite their constant smear campaign with what "NintenDon't", Sega eventually lost out in the decades ahead. But I'm getting sidetracked. We're talking about Final Fantasy 7. 

While Square-Enix's (Squaresoft back then) Final Fantasy 4 (known to the U.S. as Final Fantasy 2) and Final Fantasy 6 (F.F.3)  deepened my love for JRPGs and Nintendo, I felt the encroaching presence of the future looming over my beloved series and system. At the time I read popular gaming publications like GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly for the latest scoop. You know pre-Internet. Each new issue tempted me with the introduction of a new player in the area, Sony's dark horse, the PlayStation. I wasn't too interested in the new system until I heard they had an ace up their sleeve, Final Fantasy 7. How?! Why?! What happened to Nintendo?! 

Peep this VERY thorough piece by the people at Polygon. They interviewed EVERYONE who was involved with this game's success. A game that catapulted Square into the stratosphere as a sleeping giant awakening. 

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