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When you get two giants like DJ Shadow and Nas together on a track you got the formula for something timeless for the speakers. "Systematic" is flavored with tons of old-school boom-bap, with a futuristic twist, that will have any urban purist in constant head noddin'. You can peep the official video below, and cop it soon off the Silicon Valley soundtrack on Mass Appeal Records


These cats can do no wrong. Only if they do it on purpose, you know? Since dropping the Link Up & Suede EP and their follow up full-length Yes Lawd! things have catapulted well above the stratosphere for these connoisseurs of fly. This music video plays like several small vignettes strung together to tell an abridged version of the NxWorries narrative. The main track just gets you going on some street level hustler sh*t. Scared money don't make money. You damn right. Pick up their drops on Stones Throw Records


Oddisee is one of the most versatile Hip Hop artists around. I always give it up to emcees who can produce and arrange their own music, and boy, his music slaps! The Berlin cultural outfit COLORS linked up with wordsmith and his band and let him have a go with his track "Like Really" in their pastel arena. The tightness of their routine, and the wordplay spoken on the mic commands us all to stop and listen. And he definitely gots some choice words to say to a select few. Talking about you, Cheeto. Support the dude and cop some of his albums, go to a show, or repost this video!


Sonny Cheeba and Geechie Suede are back with a double decker laced video featuring new rhymes and beats for your eardrums. One thing you can be sure about these cats is that their style will always remain fresh. I remember back in middle school, watching CMC, and catching the "Luchini" music video for the first time. Don't mind the fact that these guys dressed like they hopped out of a Marvin Gaye album cover, it was more intriguing to listen to them rap. Their lingo and flows were not what I typically understood to be the norm back in the late 90s. My friends and I would rap along to the catchy tune, just to be down with this duo's style. Almost 20 years later they haven't changed. And that is a good thing.