Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie breaks down the importance of accessibility and the diversification of literature in modern societal hubs. When there is not enough quality content being pushed towards willing eager minds, what we get instead are ill-informed and miseducated individuals creating their own assumptions and prejudices. I believe in supporting quality literature and content and implementing creative solutions for pushing out the material to the creatively curious. We become a better community when we are constantly learning about one another. 

Neil Gaiman - The Raven

Neil Gaiman is a literary god. I can't imagine a world without his with and mastery of lore and myth. For crying out loud, he created his own pantheon of gods with The Sandman! With the anticipation of the television adaptation of his best selling novel American Gods on the way Mr. Gaiman's name will definitely be popping up more in the pop pulp pieces (alliteration, hurrah). In support of Worldbuilders reaching their million plus donation goal, Neil broke out his trusty tome of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven and read it in its entirety, enveloped in a haze of darkness and candle light. My kind of holiday cheer.