Resident Advisor - How Did UK Garage Become Dubstep?

The globally minded music publication Resident Advisor released this convenient piece of history for those of you who need more schooling on the finer points of UK electronic music. From the rise of House's influence on the 90s to the emcee led ambush of UK Garage, this quick case study gives you just enough crib notes to get the gist of what you might have missed across the pond. Study up kiddos. 


I've enjoyed Great Big Story's mission to highlight cultural staples and movements from all around the world. Their content is well produced and has the right amount of information and length to keep you engaged and entertained until the final scene. This bitesize focus on the Chicago Footwork scene is perfect for those who have been long time enthusiasts, or to the unknowing.

Ever since I was hipped to the dance back in the early 2000s I had to dig into the rich back-history of this indigenous subculture and it's colorful assortment of people, moves, and sounds. Peep the video and dig even further into this Chicago street opus.